4 Tips for Successful Frozen Food Business for Beginners

batesvillechristmastrain.com – Since the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all groups have been involved in the frozen food business. From housewives to restaurants, frozen food is an alternative to selling products during a pandemic. If you want to start a frozen food business, know the product content in advance so that it doesn’t have adverse effects on your health.

He further explained that there are at least four things that need to be considered if you want to start a frozen food business.

1. Understand the production process

The frozen food production process is not only limited to processing in the production kitchen but also starts from the introduction of raw materials, selecting raw materials, until the product is ready for market. Selecting and processing the wrong raw materials can result in poor product quality. For example, if we make chips, the risk is that the crackers are no longer crunchy.

Unlike the case with frozen food which has a big risk. When choosing raw materials, it is important to determine standard operating procedures (SOP) for products to suppliers as a benchmark for the quality of raw materials to be taken. gave an example when choosing chicken meat, set a good quality standard of chicken meat.

It looks like it’s still fresh red in color, doesn’t smell weird, has a nice shape, and the meat returns quickly to its original state after being touched. If the raw materials that arrive are not in accordance with the SOP, we will reject them. This is important because the selection of raw materials at the beginning will affect the quality of the product.

2. Keep the production kitchen clean

Quality products come from clean and well-maintained production kitchens. Therefore, it is important to keep all production equipment clean. Pay attention to hand sanitation, processing area, and processing residue.

Everything must be washed clean after use exemplifying two simple tools commonly used during the production process, namely a blender and a cutting board. When cutting chicken on a cutting board, there will be a scratch on the cutting board. Bacteria can get in there, so it has to be cleaned properly, he said.

3. Manage product distribution permits

Even small amounts of commercialized food must obtain a distribution permit from the competent authority before being marketed. Frozen food is indeed that vulnerable, and animal protein is very high risk. Moreover, consumed by children, because their immunity is not as strong as adults, the risk is not only diarrhea, but also up to their lives.

4. Understand the products being marketed

Before marketing a product, one must understand the product being marketed so that there are no difficulties when getting questions from buyers. Product sales are not just exchanging money for products. But we also want to educate buyers about practical healthy food.

Not only that, said that we also often hold meetings with various resellers. The meeting did not only discuss sales targets but also provided education about products, how to store products, how to deliver them, and how to respond to buyers.


Frozen food includes frozen wet protein, not dry protein. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention starting from the selection to the storage of raw materials.

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