About Us

Batesville Christmas Train


What To Expect

Your train ride begins with music that gets you clapping along and motioning pulling on a train whistle “whoo whoo” along to our peppy theme song “Takin’ the Train to Christmas Town”. Elves dance in the aisles and lead sing-alongs to other favorite Christmas songs. When you hear the “Chocolate Christmas” song begin to play, you know it’s time for cookies and hot chocolate to be served!

Before you know it, we arrive at Christmas Town. Gather together around the window to share the views of the magical lighted town. Wave to Santa and his elves before they climb aboard to greet each boy and girl and present them with a special gift.

You can enjoy other activities and games on board as you interact with the cast and crew. Kids can play a game of I-Spy as they look for animal friends hidden throughout the car, like the gentle snowy owls and Bubble and Squeak, the chatty mice that frequent the train. We sing our theme song as we pull back into the station, and we promise you’ll still have this tune on your mind all the way home!