Here’s 5 ways How to Determine the Right Target Market for a Cosmetics Business! – To determine the target market for the cosmetic business certainly cannot be done haphazardly. You need to learn how to determine the right target market for your cosmetics business so that it can run smoothly and meet the expected sales targets.

5 Ways to Determine the Right Target Market for the Cosmetics Business

Here are some steps you can take to determine the right target market for your cosmetics business:

Understand Brand and Product Characteristics

You need to understand the characteristics of the brand and product that you have. That way, you can adjust what kind of target consumers you want to go to.

You can find out the current and future trends of your consumers through your business’s social media followers or through transaction history.

After that you will find out which groups, what age range, gender and which areas have great potential to sell your cosmetic products.

The following is an example of the target market for cosmetic products by age range:

  • Teenager

Opportunities for the cosmetic business targeting teenagers have quite large opportunities. Some products that are widely used by teenagers, for example facial cleansers, soap, anti-acne, body lotion, hand cream, deodorant, or lip balm.

  • Young Adults

The age range from 18 to 25 years begins to need cosmetics such as concealer, BB cream, lip cream and other types of makeup.

  • Mature

Age over 25 years will require more complex cosmetics due to declining skin conditions and many skin problems due to hormonal changes in the body.

You can also make products specifically for pregnant and lactating women who want to keep using cosmetics. If you already know what kind of target market you want, it will be easier for you to determine what innovations consumers need and want.

Pay attention to the intensity of competition

The next way to determine the right target market for the cosmetics business is to study and pay attention to the intensity of competition in society. That way, you can determine what kind of strategy to do to win the attention of consumers so they want to make transactions. There are various forms of competition, starting from the method of service, features provided by products, prices, ease of transactions, and also product availability.

If you have learned about these things and applied them, don’t forget to pay attention to how the market reacts to your product, whether it reacts positively or not, and see the reaction from business competitors. That way, you can also determine what kind of innovative ideas you want to develop for the cosmetic product. However, remember to keep competing in a healthy manner to create a healthy business environment as well.

Improve Communication on Social Media

Increase the intensity of communication with consumers through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook by replying to consumer comments, liking their comments, and increasing the number of followers.

That way, you will know which audience is active, concerned and interested in the cosmetic products that you have. You can also find out the needs and desires of consumers for cosmetic products.

Take Advantage of Available Analytic Tools

Currently there are many tools that can be used to help analyze data into useful information. Examples of tools you can use include Google Trend, Google Analytics, Keyword Tool, and many more.

You can find out what habits are trending and favored by the wider community as well as the target market you want.

Determining the Right Posting Time

By using social media platforms as a means of promotion, you need to know the most appropriate times to upload promotional content in order to reach the desired target.

For example, your target market is women with an age range of 20 to 25 years, usually at this age they work as employees who work from morning to evening, then the right time for them to see your posts is during their lunch break (12 – 13 o’clock) or during dinner break (18 – 19).

If you post content at the right time, your content has the potential to increase engagement rates or interaction between your audience and your brand.

Create Brand Positioning

More than 90 percent of consumers like cosmetic products from big or well-known brands. Things like this are a challenge, especially for cosmetic brands that have just started their business.

You can create a brand positioning for your cosmetics business. Brand positioning aims to create a product perception in the minds of potential consumers.


If you have succeeded in creating the brand positioning, then the target market will form by itself. The next step is that you only need to maintain the performance of your product or brand that is always developing so that it has the potential to reach a wider target market. Those are some ways to determine the right target market for the cosmetics business that you can do. I hope this helps!

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