Starting a F&B Business, See 5 Tips for Success – One business that is never empty of customers is the culinary business, especially in Indonesia which has so many types of processed food. Starting a F&B business looks simple, but actually a culinary business requires a lot of planning and preparation.

If you want to start a F&B business, then the following are things that you must apply:

1. Define Target Market

Determining the target market is the main point when you want to start a F&B business, because the target market is the basic reference for determining your product marketing strategy in the future. For example, if your target market is school children or students, then it is certain that the products you sell must suit their tastes. Apart from that, you also cannot charge too high a price for your food products, because both school children and students certainly have a maximum budget for daily food expenses.

2. Find Suppliers

The taste of a food really depends on the basic ingredients, therefore it is very important to use basic ingredients that meet the quality standards of your food products. To determine suppliers, it’s a good idea to do a comparative study between one supplier and another.

This is to test the quality of the basic materials they offer and also to compare the purchase prices of these basic materials. If the price of basic ingredients is too expensive, it will be difficult for you to determine the selling price of your food products.

3. Determine the Business Location

Choosing the right business location can support the progress of your culinary business, you know! You can determine the location of your business according to the target market for your business, so if you are targeting school children or students, you should look for a business location around the school or campus.

You don’t need to be too fancy, as long as your business location is clean and easy to find. In addition, try to have a business location where you can park your vehicle, because it is not uncommon for people to be lazy to stop by when it is difficult to park their vehicle.

4. Product Innovation

Do you know why the culinary world must continue to innovate? The answer is because we get bored so easily.

If you want to continue to progress and develop, then you have to innovate products regularly. You can find out what trends are currently happening in the market, and you can adapt them to your food products. For example, currently the mozzarella cheese trend is infecting the culinary world, so you can also follow this trend, as long as mozzarella cheese is still suitable when combined with your food products.

5. Manage Finance

Managing finances is not only done by those who want to start a F&B business, because financial reports are needed by every business industry. Recording all expenses to processing them into financial reports does require its own expertise.

If you don’t feel confident about managing your business finances, then there’s nothing wrong with entrusting this work to people who are experts in this field.


Managing the finances of a business is not as simple as managing personal finances, you know! Bad financial arrangements can be detrimental to your business in the future. So, those are the 5 main points that you must apply when you want to start a F&B business.

Hello, my name is Dodi Santoso usually called Dodi. I am a professional writer on several sites, one of which is this blog.

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